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- Catalyze your workouts with COREFIT - 
A designed blend of herbs, amino acids, low-glycemic carbs & natural performance enhancers
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    Same Great Product, New Name!
    We are rebranding our flagship product CORE to be COREFIT, so some of our labeling will reflect this until our inventories of CORE are depleted. 
    What is in COREFIT?
    Cutting Edge Performance by Design!
    • Improve Circulation ― Increase Blood flow and Lower Blood Pressure
    • Reduces Fatigue
    • Improve Physical Endurance
    • Improve Muscle Recovery & Reduce Soreness
    • Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to repair damaged joints and bones.
    • Promotes faster healing of joints and bones.
    • Reduce joint pain and inflammation.
    • Reduce blood sugar & improve insulin response.
    •  Reduction in body fat when compared to a placebo group.
    A critical natural amino acid needed during times of exercise and stress.
    Helps repair muscle tissue.
    Supports a healthy immune system.
    Aids in digestion.
    An essential amino acid that cannot be made by your body and must be obtained from your diet.
    •  The most important branched chain amino acid (BCAA) for muscle repair and maintenance.
    •   Preserves muscle while on a reduced calorie diet.
    •  Particularly important for vegetarians and vegans without meat sources of leucine in their diet.
     8g of this slow digesting natural carbohydrate for steady energy. It has a Low-glycemic index of 32, non-stimulant, natural carbohydrate for sustained mental focus and physical energy.

    Scientifically shown to increase utilization of fat stores for energy and burn fat more effectively.
    Just 2g of Organic Cane Sugar
    (8 calories) Per Serving
    Here is why:
    Research suggests a small amount of natural sugar in a low calorie drink can inhibit cravings for sugar and help eliminate sugar “binges”. Small amounts of simple sugars when combined with slow-digesting carbs (Isomaltulose) and Amino Acids (Leucine, Glutamine) do not appear to significantly spike blood sugar and the combination of simple sugars + leucine may actually lower blood sugar levels.
    COREFIT is PROVEN - Testimonials!
    Athlete Paul Romero, Makena Crossfit Box Owner & Coach is a multiple platform winner of Ultra Marathon Races. 
    Core / COREFIT is a daily part of his training and nutritional regimine. 
    Chloe Towns is a Taekwondo US National Team Member and uses Core/COREFIT to rehydrate naturally.
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